Professional, Comprehensive Tax and Quickbooks Services

Welcome and thank you for visiting the One Stop Tax Shop (OSTS) website. We provide year-round professional tax services and we defend clients in all U.S. tax audits, appeals and collections proceedings. We also offer QuickBooks ProAdvisor services and training at the levels you want and at modest rates.

We help sole-proprietors start and grow their business by offering free Small Business Tax Workshops and a one-stop Small Business Resources page that consolidates valuable business start-up tools and information. And we do Feasibility Studies and Profitability Forecasts to help clients make important business decisions that help them avoid potential snags that may appear during and after their start-up.

Our clients include many types of self-employed and incorporated small business owners, plus of course many employees, retired people, etc. We also help taxpayers who are in trouble with the IRS. In short we are a small, full-service tax firm that strives to exceed our clients’ expectations. We keep our business small thinking it helps us achieve our #1 Goal which is for all of our clients to experience that personalized and prompt service that seems so hard to find these days.

We have previous experience working for several high-tech companies so we employ the very latest in cutting-edge security and technologies. For example, we offer our clients a free Smart Phone Tax Deduction App that easily records your mileage and expense deductions and takes pictures of receipts. We also help these clients pay their employees and vendors directly from their smart-phones thus reducing computer face-time.

Here are more reasons why we believe we can provide you with more and better services than other tax professionals:

  • NO ONE works harder to keep their clients from paying too much tax or from being victimized by the IRS.
  • We can usually provide tax returns within two business days of receiving your complete information.
  • We serve taxpayers worldwide and cater to those who are too far away (or too busy) to come in for office appointments.
  • We respond immediately to your tax emergencies and provide real solutions.
  • We provide our clients with personal, safe and secure (128-bit encryption) lockboxes for easy and immediate file transfers.
  • We offer free smart phone apps to track your tax deductions, submit your payroll, etc., to spend less time in front of your computer.
  • We educate the public by teaching free Small Business tax classes for various organizations such as the San Jose Entrepreneurial Center, Community Child Care Council, Women’s Initiative, Work2Future, San Jose and Sunnyvale Public Libraries and Project Hired: Wounded Warriors.
  • We teach tax preparation volunteers to prepare free tax returns for low-income taxpayers at local VITA, Catholic Charities and United Way locations.
  • We offer local pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Our prices usually compete favorably against other tax professionals.
  • We answer the phone promptly or will return your call by the next business day.

So if you are ready to elevate, modernize and simplify your tax experiences (all at the same time) please give us a call.

Note: Enrolled Agents are the only tax professionals who are federally licensed by the United States Treasury to represent any U.S. taxpayer. (CPAs and attorneys are state-licensed only.)

TAX PREPARATION: We provide a four-step process to ensure you pay only the absolute minimum tax. First, we check and re-check our work in preparing your return to ensure data-accuracy. If we find an area we think the IRS might question, we will examine and discuss with the client before finalizing the return in order to better understand and possibly make changes.

Second, we offer tax-planning services to our clients and provide them with financial information and advice to help them understand how their taxes will be affected as they consider their financial, investment and retirement decisions. Finding out where you stand ahead of time eases your tax stress and gives you a chance to avoid paying too much tax.

Third, we educate thus empower our clients who are proactive with their taxes. Our Financial Tools section offers over 50 online calculators to help you make smart financial and tax decisions. For example, you may want to know how much tax you will owe next year or whether to refinance your mortgage, should you buy or lease that next business vehicle or how much your Retirement Required Minimum Distribution should be, etc. When you use your money wisely you not only pay less tax but you also live a better life. And you now have the power to better understand your personal tax, mortgage, financial, investment and retirement situations by using these calculators. And of course we will be there if you need help with your analysis.

Fourth, after preparing the return we thoroughly discuss  with the client to ensure 1- everything is included 2- the client fully understands and agrees and 3- there are no further questions or changes.

: Our services also include helping those who are in trouble with the IRS. Everyone knows that the IRS and all state taxing authorities are much more aggressive in auditing and collecting taxes these days. Did you know that the IRS is now disallowing more mileage deductions? How can you be sure of getting all your deductions? Did you know that they are also trying to require real estate investors to exclude normal rental expenses on their returns until the property is sold? If they succeed you will pay more Ordinary Income Tax now and less Capital Gains Tax later.

Audits are getting more common and more difficult but you should know that we employ a couple of extra steps in our audit defense that are not often used by other tax professionals. Yes it is extra work but these extra steps really help insure our clients get their best results possible. If you have received an audit notice and want to know more you should give us a call to discuss best options and strategies available to you.

We really enjoy educating our clients and insuring they pay the least tax. We also feel pretty good when we are able to help those being audited or treated harshly by the IRS. We value our clients’ business but more importantly we value their trust in choosing the One Stop Tax Shop to help them find their best tax solutions.