Fanatical Focus: A Common Element in Successful Businesses

Much has been written about the key to running a successful business. One of the most commonly identified methods, and probably the scariest to most business owners, is narrowing the company’s focus.

Why is this important? Consumers are bombarded with advertising messages every day of their lives. You cannot possibly own more than a small segment of their attention span. The key is your positioning in the prospect’s mind. Your position must be singular and set you apart from the competition.

Dominos® successfully owned one position in the pizza business: speedy delivery. They didn’t get caught up in trying to advertise the largest or freshest pizza or even promoting value. They were smart enough to look at the market and identify a position they could own. Federal Express® accomplished the same feat in the delivery business. They owned the “guaranteed overnight” status. These positions have become synonymous with the brands themselves.

If your business stands for one distinct thing, you will have the competitive advantage and own your position statement. While this is a simple strategy and used commonly by successful companies and even presidential campaigns, many business owners fear that they will lose business if they focus on one position.

Dominos® and Federal Express® obviously do not agree with that thinking. By focusing on one message, they came to own that position, but didn’t sacrifice other opportunities in international delivery or in delivering quality pizza. By narrowing their focus, they actually broadened their appeal. This same principle can work in your business. It can even help prioritize your resources and improve your marketing results by repeating the same message time and again.